Welcome to Unic Transmissions

Development and manufacturing of:

— Advanced LSD’s

— Advanced YAW-diff’s for motorsport (differentials which can drive with different wheelrevs)

— Dog gearboxes for motorsport – For RWD & 4WD

— Stiff lightweight rear axle for motorsport – Volvo diff & gear set

— Final Gear case for motorsport – Volvo diff & gear set

— Driveshafts & flange shafts in stronger design

— Accessories: Friction disc’s for LSD’s , Torque bars for rear axle , Uniballs of needle bearing type.


— Computer calculation of LSD’s

— Adjustments, Changes & Rebuilds of LSD’s

— Design, Changes & Rebuilds of controlled diffs (active diffs)

— Development, Design & Manufacturing of prototypes of advanced transmission technology

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