Transmission units

Gearbox & Input housing 
Gearbox & Input housing
Clutch housing
Clutch housing tailored to the customer’s engine. Bracket for starter that can be covered when not in use. If our starter is used the flywheel ring gear need to be manufactured according to our specifications. The starter position which is low and further back, is advantageous from a weight standpoint and also frees space beside the engine block where it may otherwise be located. This also makes it easy to change, and the area it is not so hot. The starter motor can be seen in the “details” – site.  Info sheet (pdf)
Växellåda SC-5 med centerdiff
Gearbox SC-5 with Center diff.  
Gearbox SC-5
– Sequential – 5 speed + reverse
– Two options of gear ratios and five options of the drop gear. 
– Three options of 1:st gear. 
– 100 mm distance between main shafts gives strength, and the Unic-shift system provides super-fast gear changes without dog wear.
– Lightweight (31kg incl. Drop gear). Quick to remove / mount.   Info sheet (pdf)
Slutväxelenhet fram
Final Gear Unit – Front
– Two-piece aluminum housing
– Pinion and Crown wheel of lightweight design
– Unic LH-diff in lightweight design
– Tulip (tripod housing) recessed in the house to allow a longer drive shaft, and a long plunge which is needed for a long-travel suspension and a low engine position
– Weight: 21 kg incl. Tulip. Info sheet (pdf)
Slutväxelenhet bak
Final Gear Unit – Rear
– Two-piece aluminum housing
– Pinion and Crown wheel of lightweight design
– Unic LH diff lightweight design
– Flanges for CW-Joint Ø108 with 3 screws and 3 drive bosses. 
– Weight: 23 kg incl. 2 pcs output Flange shafts. Produktblad (pdf)
Center diff
– House of high-strength aluminum
– Unic LH diff of lightweight design (see detail-page)
– Same friction disc’s and ramp device as front and rear diff
– Hydraulic system used to adjust the preaload
– Easy to mount / remove                                    – Veight: 11kg incl. front & rear spline shafts. Info sheet (pdf)
Release Clutch (Rotating unit beside)
The position of the release clutch is the same as the Center diff which mean it is possible to “quick change” between Center diff and Release Cluch if needed, for example in a test. The propshaft’s are also the same for Center diff and Release. Info sheet (pdf)
Hydraulic Control for the Release Clutch
The block is connected with the power steering pump with a dash 3-line which supply the oil pressure which is magazined in the Accumulator. The return line is connected to the power steering tank. The electric valve gets signal from the handbrake lever and gives pressure to the release cluch which “opens” and stay open as long the pressure is on. The release system have been tested / used for a while and the reliability is equal supreme as the rest of the drive train and the needed frequents of maintenance is very low. Info sheet (pdf)