Terms and Data

Max engine torque capacity: 1000Nm

— Torque tube complete incl. Clutch housing, light weight shafts, mounting plate: 12 kg  (tube L=60cm)
— Gearbox incl. Drop gear: 31 kg
— C-diff incl. light weight rotating housing, High strength alum.casing, front & rear Shaft:  10 kg
— Prop shafts  light weight: 7.5 kg / pair
— Final gear unit front incl. light weight Crown wheel & Pinion and right hand “Tulip” (=tripod housing):  21 kg
— Trans axle left front incl. Tulip & Support bearing: 4 kg  (option with light weight “drilled through” bar shaft: 3.5  kg)
— Final gear unit Rear incl. 2pcs Flange shafts for CW-joints: 24 kg  (option with light weight Pinion & crown wheel = 23 kg)
Weight distribution
— The weight distribution between the rear and front axle for the Unic longitudinal transmission is better than other longitudinal solutions, and far better than a transverse layout because the engine and especially the gearbox are located more to the rear.
— The Starter motor is mounted in the clutch housing. This mean about 4 kg weight is located approx 20cm more to the rear and 20cm lower than a “normal” position.
— The front diff unit and driveshaft joints (WRC tripod) are designed to give extra long plunge as well as long drive shafts in order to make it possible for a low trans axle position (= engine position).