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Unic SuperCar Transmission
— The Unic gear shift system is optimised in order to give ultra quick and safe gearshifts which is extra important in Rallycross in where the starts and accelerations from low speed is a key for sucsess.  The quick shifts gives also the bonus effect that the dog wear is very small.
— The Unic Limited Slip Differentials are used in Front, Rear and Center. This diff has a smooth function and the preload can be adjusted from outside. The design of diffs, driveshafts and joints allows a very long suspension travel.
— The 100 mm distance between the main axles in the gearbox make the UNIC Gear box very strong. The rest of the drive train is designed to keep up with this strength without any weak point.
The reliability are proved from a very few problem occasions in all SuperCar races in the World and European Championship’s and other local’s from 2013 to now.
Access & Service
Quick service and repair between heats is one of the most important properties of a winning SuperCar concept. The Longitudinal layout is outstanding concerning this. The separate front, center and rear differential unit are easy and quick to access, adjust or replace. The Unic gearbox is designed to be very easy to dismount with few screws, an input spline shaft only 25 mm long. The prop shafts with spline to the gearbox means just 2 bolts have to be removed. 
There are 3 pcs inspection plugs in the gearbox casing which can be removed for dog inspections. 
When the gearbox is dismounted, the bellhousing can easily be removed to access the clutch and flywheel. 
The longitudinal engine position makes it also easier to work on the engine because of the access to both engine sides. The better space can also be used for a twin A-arm solution which is the superior solution in terms of friction and moving suspension weight.  
The CW-joint’s for the rear driveshafts are mounted with just 3 screws. In front it is a tripod solution and on the left side the complete twin driveshaft is removed with just 2 screws. On the right front the complete driveshaft is removed by just pulling the tripod out from the “tulip”