2WD Customers

Scott Williams Motorsport
Take a look at this clip with Duval behind the wheel pushing the 2.5L Millington Ford with UNIC 5-speed sequential Gearbox to it’s maximum.

Thomas Lennstrand
Watch this link  when Thomas driving his extreme Volvo equipped with UNIC 5-speed sequential Gearbox, with grate attack.

Patrik Flodin
Take a look at this clip for some onboard action with Patrik handling the Volvo and UNIC 5-speed sequential Gearbox with his super efficient driving style.

Tommy Carlström
Honda S2000 / MDS 2.4L 16v. Look at Tommy in action on his way to one of his four Swedish Championship victories with UNIC gearbox, differential and driveshafts. 

Team Björn Scheuer   Porsche 928 Racing with UNIC 5-speed seq.gearbox and diff.

Fredrik “Fidde” Avelin

Take a look att this clip for some onboard action on the RX track with Fredrik’s UNIC 5-speed sequential Gearbox, diff and driveshafts.

Stefan Axelsson   Volvo 940 with UNIC 5-speed seq.gearbox , diff and driveshafts