Rigid rear axle & Driveshafts RWD

Drive Shaft
Drive shaft for rigid axle (Volvo fit)  in both  length’s (Volvo 240 and 740/940).
– The spline-axle is larger then Volvo original and therefore the diff must be suited for this spline. 
– Two different bolt pattern – Volvo original (5x Ø16 PCD 108) and 5x M14x1.5  PCD 108 (upper picture).
– The bearing is special grinded to eliminate the axial play which otherwise makes the brake pedal inconsistent. 
– The flange end is hollow drilled for weight loss. Info sheet (pdf)
Crown Wheel and Pinion with ratio 5.14 for Volvo 10.31
Maximum lightness and extra strength. Crown wheel diameter Ø200, i.e. 4mm larger than original and fits without, or just a little grinding adjustment in the housing.
Crown wheel & Pinion (CwP) Ratio 6,14 for Volvo 10.31
The Crown Wheel outer diameter is 210mm,  14mm larger than the original to give increased strength, which means that an original Volvo rear axle needs to be ground slightly inside the housing to make room for the crown wheel. The weight of Crown wheel and Pinion together is 4kg which is about 2.5kg lighter than a conventional gear set.  We can also supply other gear set’s for Volvo 10.31 but not all in light weight version. (Info: Volvo 10.31 applies to Volvo in virtually all standard rear axles and final gears from ~1978
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Rigid axle – Leight weight
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… from above
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… from side
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The aluminium housing is prepared for Watt-link and the button for adjusting the preload.
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Prop Flange
Ändbricka hjullager bak, 240, 740, 940
Bearing washer in aluminium 
Mont kit for Pinion and Crown wheel 
Welding brackets for 4-link, diff. measures
Welding brackets for brake caliper etc.