Supercar Customers

UNIC Transmissions proudly deliver products to several of the most successful drivers and teams in the world.

Titans RX
UNIC is the supplier for the complete transmissions to all of the cars in this new series started in 2019.  If you have interest for driving in Titans RX, find out more here: Titans RX

Petter Solberg

Step in to Petter Solbergs Unic equipped Supercar beast on this link, and join him on a lap at Montalegre RX

Johan Kristoffersson

Timo Scheider

MuennichRené Münnich

Oliver Solberg

Anton Marklund

gigi-galli-4Gigi Galli

Thomas Bryntesson

Peter Hedström

Marklund Motorsport

Julian Godfrey

Jochen Coox

Ales Fucik

Rallycross SM Strängnäs 2015-06-11 Foto Tony Welam Lukas Walfridson slutade på en tredjeplats i SM deltävligne i SträngnäsHelmia Motorsport

James Grint

Sondre Ejven


Michael de Keersmaecker

Andreas Carlsson

Philip Gehrman

Ramona Karlsson

Christer Dahlmans

Daniel Thorén

Zoltan Vass

Svein-Roger Andersen