Driveshafts & joints

We deliver all drive shafts for our transmissions with customized lengths and we also produce to other cars of any length and spline. We also offer hollow bar shafts for weight savings.

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Through cooperation with OVAKO we have access to their high-class “IQ-steel” whose manufacturing processes are developed in conjunction with the production of steel ball bearings to SKF since early 1900s.

As a supplier for rallycross, we have learned to manufacture reliable drive shafts due to low weight. Nowadays, it is very rare that anyone gets a break in a drive shaft or joint, even though the teams are currently testing a lot and even a lot of starts that load the drive shafts enormously.

Drive shaft – bar shaft’s
Our bar shafts are delivered with a “twist line” to indicate eventual consisting twist. They are also shot peened and rust protected.
Hålborrad axel
Hollow shaft
We use hollow shaft for those who want to afford a little extra in order to optimize the weight.


Div. axlar
Various shafts
Trans axel = axle connecting the front diff with the left drive shaft (located under engine). Support bearing with 2x M10 thread holes to be mounted in the sub frame. Tulip (tripod housing) with extra long plunge which is important because it makes it possible to position the front diff & engine lower. There is a standard shaft length but other lengths are made at demand.
Tulip &Tripod
Tripod & Tulip   
We use the same type of GKN Tripod used in most WRC cars today. It has high efficiency and can handle large angles. Our long “Tulip’s” provides up to 60mm “plunge” which makes it possible to place the front diff, trans axle and then also the engine lower in the car.                       


CW knut
CW-joints                                                     Extra long plunge (34mm at angle 0). Outer Ø108mm. Six holes for 10mm screws, pitch Ø94, spline hole z28 (=motor sport spline) with internal groove ring (needed for some types of drive shafts).  Available in two widths: 32 & 40mm. The outer part is made in light weight design and from high quality steel and shoot peened after heat treatment. These joints does not need running-in.


Bälgar och skruv till CW knut
Joint accessories
Yttre knut, UNIC
Outer joint “UNIC”
This joint we normally use for our Rallycross Supercar applications. It is based on a new type of GKN-Joint using 8 balls and outer diameter 94mm, a spline hole having the same shaft diameter as the “GKN motorsport z28”. This joint can handle larger torque and angle then the conventional “6 ball joints” and the efficiency is also better. The Boot we use is extra strong and have an major diameter of ~112mm when mounted.  Weight: 1.75 kg
R5 Yttre knut med bälg
Outer joint “R5”                                               This joint is used in most R5-Rally Cars. It is based on the same GKN-joint and having the same internal as the “Unic” joint above, but just with a different outer shape with the outher diameter 90mm. The weight is slightly more then the Unic joint. It can be used also for Supercar when there is a limited space in the upright.  The Boot has a “slimmed” design with a major diam. of ~102mm when mounted.           Weight: 1.85 kg
KMS-knut med bälg
Outer Joint – special                                      We can make the outher joint with special shape on demand. The joint in the picture is based on the same GKN-Joint as the Joint’s above but made for a special designed Hub. The internal and the Boot & Clamp are same as the Unic joint. 
Drive shaft with CW-joint
Drive shaft with tripod
Drive shaft with “R5” outer joint
Measuring shafts for defining the length  
These can be loaned to customers to specify the lengths of the drive shafts.  With these the length measuring are quick and precise. To ensure there is some play to the “plunge stop” the play should be checked with the suspension and steering angle in it’s end positions (incl. bump stop).
Rördrivaxel fram, komplett
Drive shaft with tube axle       
This is so far only used for exprimential reasons.